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AMDAX Therapeutics LLC

AMDAX Therapeutics LLC is a recently established Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical company by 5 Professors and assistant Professors in University of Washington. AMDAX Therapeutics LLC is developing a series of novel drugs for treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and other autoimmune diseases like Aicardi-Goutierre’s Syndrome (AGS) etc. One of the innovative products (drug X6) has been filed international patent application for increased efficacy and decreased side-effect with wide potential for the commercialization and business marketing.


Cheelcha is a mobile bubble tea truck that delivers fresh and deliciousness to your door front.

Seattle Gummy Company

Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) is a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on functional gummy delivery system.


Aeyesafe is an award-winning product – a thermal, radar, and sound monitoring system. Aeyesafe provides a robotic monitoring system for the large population of seniors who live by themselves (13.3 million in US), providing an alert to request help whenever they are in potentially dangerous situations (e.g stroke, fallen down, heart attack, etc.). Aeyesafe will also give seniors privacy and dignity, without requiring any wearable device (no pendant) and human involvement for monitoring. 
 After many years of computer AI improvement, we can finally extend human analysis capability to help our beloved seniors and patients to live a safer, happier and more independent life.
 Patients with diabetes, cardiovascular heart disease can highly benefit from this service.


HandyMobi helps homeowners discover and share personalized home improvement solutions(ideas and projects) with AI technology. HandyMobi also is a mobile B2C platform and community where customer can quickly and easily find ideas, instructions, plans, answers and everything else with just a few clicks.


Senbodi Inc, founded in 2014, is a wearable company focusing on sensing human body motion. The company is based both in Seattle USA and Shenzhen China. We are a full stack technology company providing solutions by building our own hardware, firmware, mobile apps and cloud services.

ShotTek Inc

The PeaceShooter team is a group of passionate innovators with a love for the game. Our vision is to transform the game with our patented wearable motion training technology focused on creating a better experience for kids, coaches and athletes. 


Rivetz is simpler and safer blockchain security. Rivetz is delivering a new solution, the Rivetz Network, to simplify and enhance a user’s digital experience. It’s a new paradigm that moves trust from the servers to the powerful devices we use to access digital services. With its combination of blockchain technology and the hardware-based trusted computing capabilities already built into millions of devices, Rivetz verifies the intent of every transaction. Rivetz bridges today’s obsolete username/password model to a future where security is built in. Equipping developers with the technical solutions, foundations, protocols and distributed key management, Rivetz security seamlessly integrates with any blockchain, cloud or IoT project.


Roby provides a conversational AI service hub for companies to improve employee satisfaction and optimize office operation. Roby learns from employees’ feedback to take predictive actions that resolve complaints, handle requests, and ensure employees always have the right information.

Rack Tribe

Rack Tribe is an online marketplace for brick and mortar consignment shops. We use data analytics to help these shops turn over inventory fast and for a higher margin of profit.


Vita Inclinata is a small defense company which is developing critical technology to mitigate the swinging of the cable during sling load & rescue helicopter operations.



YiRental is one of the top apartment and house rental platform for oversea Chinese. Since the first version launch on Nov 2017, it already has around 50k users. We are also actively working on blockchain and AI features to provide better services and experience to our users.


OxiScience was created by a team of seasoned Ph.D. scientists specialized in microbiology, chemistry, and material science. Its unique polymer coating technology for odor control emerged from more than 20 years of research. We have taken high-performance coating technology for medical uses and made it safe and extremely effective for pets and home uses, under the brand of NonScents. NonScents pets & home odor control product line has gained hundreds of thousands of customers with best sellers products on Amazon since 2016. While the growth of sales is at fast pace, we maintain high repeat orders of 40-50%