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247 Technology

247 Technology is dedicated to build the largest Windows 10 cross-screen Ad Network and co-existed ecosystem empowered by big data processing and analysis. 247 Technology also helps Android/iOS developers and publishers to convert to Windows platform at the lowest cost and provide them efficient access to Windows ecosystem. As per of today, more than 80% clients use our services in China.


ADXEED brings “Optimization-as-a-service” to cross-network/platform marketing campaign management. We address two critical challenges faced by millions of small-to-medium size businesses or even advertising agencies that run/manage campaigns across multiple networks such as Google, Facebook, Bing, etc. 1) Integration: with ADXEED, advertisers can manage campaigns in different networks within the app, and no longer need to log into different systems. 2) (More importantly) optimization: with its machine learning models and optimization algorithms, ADXEED not only integrates data, but also understands it, and generates actionable optimization recommendations for advertisers to review, edit, and apply without leaving the app. It transforms normally tiresome, painstaking campaign management/optimization work into a few clicks (taps). For more sophisticate client like agencies, ADXEED is designed and built with open API in mind, which provides campaign optimization as a web service, and allows seamless integration with their existing campaign management stacks.

Founded in October 2014, is the first Container-as-a-Service provider in China. We offer container image services to streamline building and sharing application containers. We offer container hosting services to simplify deploying and managing containerized apps. We embrace the container paradigm and bring Docker-like experience to the cloud. is a fast-growing start-up with a core team of world-class cloud computing experts. We are the pioneers and major advocates in the Chinese container technical community. We are collaborating with ecosystem partners to fundamentally change the way cloud apps are built, delivered and managed. has office branches in Seattle and Beijing, and is a member of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator.


Antsquare is a comprehensive mobile platform that facilitates the effortless exchange of goods and services within your community. Utilizing a user-friendly design, GPS location tracking technology, in-app messaging services and integrated payment methods, Antsquare provides users with a simple, secure and local experience within the luxury of one application. Our marketplace streamlines the process so buyers can find something, pay for it, and arrange a pickup or delivery, all in a matter of seconds. While sellers can fully customize their store, location and availability to make sure that their business fits their lifestyle.


The AppBugs app is to help mobile users find the apps on their device with critical security holes and take actions to protect the sensitive information. Moreover, AppBugs app keeps improving the security of the user’s apps by working with app developers: new vulnerabilities arise every day and it is very hard for most developers to keep up. AppBugs continuously checks offline the apps users install against latest vulnerabilities and immediately notifies app developers once identified so that they may fix. Through this process, users who use AppBugs app enjoy more secure apps than those who do not. AppBugs has discovered many critical security holes in popular apps, including those from Microsoft, NBA, PizzaHut, Safeway, WebMD,,, PicsArt, and tons of others. Check our mobile app page ( for a few examples. The security holes we discovered so far affect 1B mobile users in total.


BonaTrip is a smart hotel booking assistant based on big data. It can provide the hotels the meet travelers’ requirement(location, price and service) by minimum clicks.


GlobalMeter created a cloud-based platform with big data capability that can be used to handle both batch and live data collection with simple steps for general users to collect data from various systems, smart devices and files. It will also help users identify valuable insights from enormous volume of data.


goEater is a self-served restaurant coupon service. Restaurant owners can use goEater to advertise any deal they like without any restrictions imposed on them by the coupon distributor. And they can update the deal at any time.


GroupTry has developed a new O2O marketing network that can connect local consumers, communities and small businesses directly with manufacturers. It enables local consumers easily try products at friends, work, schools, stores, or any other places. If desired, they make online purchases, write reviews and share user experiences via social networks with exclusive benefits, quickly influencing millions of online users who can then easily read the reviews and user experiences to pre-justify the purchases without trials.

Guided Fitness

Guided Fitness is an online Market place that connects clients with personal trainers and gyms. (o2o) Our mission is to make personal training available for everyone. Using technology and an innovative business model, we lower the personal training cost significantly for everyone.


Infinut develops education apps aiming at the market of 25 million elementary school students in the US.

WeCloud Tech

WeCloud data protection service utilizes professional level enterprise data backup, restoration, transmission, and encryption method to protect user data. This will enable easy, simple, fast and secure solutoin for individual and enterprise users. Wecloud provides extra secure, scalable content-sharing platform for users and enterprise. Wecloud’s dynamic, flexible content management solution lets users access and share content from anywhere, on any device – while providing IT visibility into how content moves within their organizations and beyond.