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Breaking the ceiling, all the essential skills for entrepreneurship and career are here | 打破天花板 创业与职场必备技能这里全都有

Breaking the ceiling, all the essential skills for entrepreneurship and career are here | 打破天花板 创业与职场必备技能这里全都有
Breaking the ceiling, all the essential skills for entrepreneurship and career are here | 打破天花板 创业与职场必备技能这里全都有

Time & Location 时间地点

Jun 02, 2024, 12:00 AM – 12:05 AM

Location is TBD

About the event 活动介绍

Instructor Wei Wang, one of the most popular guests at the 2024 SEC offline event, once launched a popular workplace improvement course among Microsoft employees, and the feedback from students after the course was very good. In early June, instructor Wang Wei teamed up with the SEC to launch a two-month small class course on entrepreneurship improvement. Instructor Wang Wei aims to help you improve your soft power in all aspects. Whether you are starting a business or working in the workplace, you have a strong influence. It can make you a leader in the eyes of your colleagues! Through excellent work performance and outstanding personal charisma, you can become an indispensable presence in the team. And communication and management skills are the key to your success! Through clear communication and efficient upward and downward management, you can work smoothly with your team to achieve goals. In addition, to achieve higher achievements, the ability to resolve conflicts and plan long-term development directions is also essential. As long as you continue to improve in these aspects, you can stand out faster, continue to break through the ceiling, and reach the top of the industry.

2024年西创会线下活动最受欢迎嘉宾之一王伟导师曾在微软员工中间推出了爆款职场提升课程,课后学员反馈非常好。6月初王伟导师联手西创会又将推出为期两个月的创业提升小班课程。王伟导师旨在帮助您全方位的提高您的软实力。无论是您是正在创业还是身在职场,拥有强大的影响力。可以让你成为同事们眼中的领头羊!通过精彩的工作表现和卓越的个人魅力,你可以成为团队中不可或缺的存在。而沟通和管理技能则是你成功的关键!通过清晰的沟通和高效的向上与向下管理,你能够与团队顺畅合作,达成目标。另外,要想获得更高的成就,冲突解决的能力,以及规划长期发展方向的能力,  也是必不可少的。只要在这些方面不断提升,您就可以更快地脱颖而出,不断突破天花板,达到行业顶尖。

What will you gain after 2 months?

     Learn how to make year-end summaries and plans to impress investors/bosses with your achievements

     Learn how to manage up and down well and become the star of tomorrow in his eyes

     Learn how to handle conflict and come out on top in a crisis

     Learn how to influence colleagues and solve problems happily

     Learn how to think strategically, stand taller and see further


  1. 学会如何做年终总结和规划,让投资人/老板惊艳你的成绩
  2. 学会如何做好向上和向下管理,成为他眼中的明日之星
  3. 学会如何处理冲突,在危急中脱颖而出
  4. 学会如何影响同事,开开心心将解决问题解决
  5. 学会如何战略思维,站得更高看得更远

Classes officially start on June 2

An exciting course not to be missed, it will help you break through yourself, break your bottlenecks, and achieve new heights. Sign up now! Scan the QR code to register



Faculty Profile

Wei Wang is an outstanding entrepreneur in China’s financial technology field.  She has rich entrepreneurial experience in both China and the United States, spanning social, payment, financial technology and video communication platforms. She is the founder of Ride2gether (USA) social carpooling software, the founder and CEO of Nuannong Technology (China), the founder of Lezhuan Financial Technology and Hairongyi (China). Among them, Lezhuan Financial Services Hairongyi was established in December 2014 and received 200 million yuan in Series A investment in July 2017, attracting the attention of investment users. As of November 30, 2017, the platform had 2.53 million registered users, with a cumulative transaction volume of 47.1 billion. The company has more than 1,000 employees and has been reported by CCTV and other media many times.

王伟,中国金融科技领域的优秀企业家。 在中美两地都有丰富的创业经验, 横跨社交、支付、金融科技和视频沟通平台等领域。她是Ride2gether(美国)社交拼车软件创始人,暖融科技(中国)的创始人兼CEO,乐赚金融科技和海融易(中国)的创始人。其中,乐赚金服海融易成立于2014年12月,在2017年7月份获2亿元A轮投资,获得了投资用户的关注。截止2017年11月30日,该平台注册用户253万,累计交易额471亿,公司规模超过千名员工, 多次被央视等媒体报导。


Q: When will the registration results be notified?

A: The results will be notified within 1 working day after the registration deadline.

Q: Can I participate remotely?

A: Remote participation is not supported this year. Face-to-face interactions and questions are more effective offline.

Q: Am I suitable to join this project?

A: It is recommended that people with at least three years of work experience and the intention to start a business or develop into a team manager sign up.

Q: How much time does it take?

A: Classes are held once a week, 2.5 hours each time, for 5 weeks. This is followed by two weeks of role-playing, each lasting 2 hours.

Q: What happens after the project ends?

A: After the project is completed, we will issue a completion certificate and encourage students to continue communicating online and offline.

Q: Can I ask a tutor for private consultation?

A: Each student has free half-hour career development consultation.

Q: Are there office hours?

A: 1 hour of online Office Hour every week.

Q: 报名结果何时通知? A: 报名截止后1个工作日内通知结果。Q: 我能远程参加吗? A: 今年暂时不支持远程参加。线下面对面的互动和提问效果更好。Q: 我是否适合加入这个项目? A: 建议有至少三年工作经验并且有意向创业或发展为团队管理者的人士报名。Q: 需要投入多少时间? A: 每周一次,每次2.5小时的授课,持续5周。之后还有两周的角色扮演,每次2小时。Q: 项目结束后会发生什么? A: 项目结束后我们会颁发结业证书,并鼓励同学们继续保持线上线下的交流。Q: 可不可以请导师做private咨询?A:每位学生有免费半小时职业发展咨询。

Q: 有没有office hour?

A:每周1小时线上Office Hour.

Student feedback from previous courses 之前课程的学员反馈

Microsoft Employee A:

每一次的课和活动我都在不同的方面受益匪浅,印象最深刻和最近最有帮助的有两方面:1.亚洲女生在美国职场的职业形象:作为比较文静内向的女生,要学会在个人表达和工作沟通时更加自信坚定,努力表达自己,管理好情绪和形象,性格要能够有一些棱角,形象也要更加专业和职场化,这样才能让自己的voice  being heard, 不要只做职场小白兔;2. Influence without authority:  学会和同事,老板更好的建立信任,更有效的沟通和建立真正有效的connection, 发现老板的优点,学会真诚地夸人,能屈能伸。

I have benefited a lot from every class and activity in different aspects. The most impressive and most helpful ones recently are two aspects: 1. The professional image of Asian girls in the American workplace: As a relatively quiet and introverted girl, you must learn to Be more confident and firm in personal expression and work communication, work hard to express yourself, and manage your emotions and image well. Your character should have some edges and corners, and your image should be more professional and workplace-oriented, so that your voice can be heard. Don’t just be a small person in the workplace. White Rabbit; 2. Influence without authority: Learn to build better trust with colleagues and bosses, communicate more effectively and establish a truly effective connection, discover the boss's strengths, learn to sincerely praise others, and be flexible.

真的非常幸运在职业发展的初期遇到了Vivian老师,收获了极其宝贵的职业发展建议,感觉醍醐灌顶,突然有一下子迷茫的状态被点醒的感觉。Vivian老师无私,真诚的分享和指导正是这种大格局思维模式身体力行的体现,也让我看到了想要成为一个职场优秀女性应该努力的方向。非常感谢老师的分享,我也会继续努力,在北美tech职场华人女性community中learn  and grow,不辜负老师的指导!我希望自己在未来小有所成之时也能给于后辈指导,give back to the  community,成为像Vivian老师一样的引路人。

I was really lucky to meet Teacher Vivian at the early stage of my career development and received extremely valuable career development advice. I felt enlightened and suddenly felt like I was awakened from my confused state. Teacher Vivian’s selfless, sincere sharing and guidance are the embodiment of this big-picture thinking model. It also allowed me to see the direction I should work towards to become an outstanding woman in the workplace. Thank you very much for the teacher's sharing. I will continue to work hard to learn and grow in the community of Chinese women in the North American tech workplace and live up to the teacher's guidance! I hope that when I become successful in the future, I can also give guidance to the younger generations, give back to the community, and become a guide like Teacher Vivian.

Microsoft Employee B:

It  changes my mindset on how to work with the manager.Follow the right  person to follow can increase the growth in career, how to find a good  boss and how to manage up.

Thank  you, Vivian! Your sessions have been truly transformative, aiding my  growth both professionally and personally. They have shifted my mindset,  emphasizing that excelling in work is not solely about delivering  excellent results. Proactively nurturing relationships is the essential  key to achieving outstanding success. I wholeheartedly recommend these  sessions to anyone aspiring to thrive in their career. Moreover, these  skills extend beyond professional life, enriching every aspect of one's  journey. Embracing challenges with confidence paves the way for greater  success and fulfillment.

Microsoft Employee C:

All the session topics are valuable! The most beneficial topics are:

Understanding the factors contributing to career success, such as "Manage-up" and "Making an Impact," has been enlightening.

The role-playing sessions have been instrumental in practicing real-life scenarios encountered in the workplace.

How to do performance review and annual plan.

I  really appreciate Vivian's teaching and sharing during the sessions.  This is the first time that I understand some of the logic behind  corporate, and understand how I should perform. The role-play session is  really helpful to practice the real-life questions. Vivian provides  insights for people in different levels of the company. This is the best  coaching I have ever had.

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