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Startup 101: The Essentials | Seattle Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Workshop


The event has 3 main sections:


1. Startup reality/ line up your expectations

Difficult but rewarding

It is a marathon and not a sprint

Required a lot of harder work that may or may not pay off

You have to enjoy it and you will know if you do


2. How to start a startup?

Whatever you do, start early.

People say you have to have great ideas but it’s actually to have a great problem.

Understand that doing things that is small but don’t scale is ok. From Brian Chesky, it is better for you to acquire 100 customers that love than 10,000 customers that kinda like you.

Once you think you have a great problem, then you find creative ways to solve that problem

There is a establish methodology of MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

You want to build a product that no one uses quickly and cost- effectively, failed quickly

Talk to customers and talk to customers and talk to customers

Repeat this cycle until you have a product market fit, you will know it when you have a product market fit

It is ok to pivot and in fact, the key to success is to pivot as fast as you can


3. Activity time: Quickly find a problem and creative solution to solve it

Focusing on identifying a problem from everyday life and identify a creative solution for it

Everyone get into groups and quickly brainstorm problem you face in everyday life. As a team, try to find a creative solution to solve your problem.

As the end of it, 2 representatives will be presenting their problem and solution

Parents and adults around you will be the judge

The winner gets a bag of chocolate


Punchet Sangnil, the primary innovator of the event

He was raised and grew up in Thailand. He came to the US during high school. He got his undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from the University of Washington, Seattle. He also had my graduate degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Design from the UW. He started working as a user experience designer at a company called PitchBook, downtown Seattle. At the time, He also has a couple of freelance projects which inspired him to start his own business on the side. It is now called MVP Runway, enable entrepreneur to kick start their business the right way. He is now working at Microsoft as UX designer.

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