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AI glasses with annual revenue of tens of millions(收入千万的 AI 眼镜)

Time & Location 时间地点

May 10, 2024, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PDT

Bellevue, 3600 136th Pl SE Suite 300, Bellevue, WA 98006, USA

About the event 活动介绍

(The English version is AI translated and not guaranteed to be accurate)

Guest: 王明高 George Wang

He has studied in Xiamen University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Overseas Education College CEO Class, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business EMBA, etc. After working as a software engineer in the financial industry for 8 years, he founded Shanghai Tangdi Technology in 2009 (acquired in 2014 for 230 million yuan). In 2018, he went to the United States to start a second business: iTourTranslator (Dear Translator) iTourTranslator is a high-tech company focusing on the translation industry. There are companies registered in the United States and China with about 60 employees respectively. The American company is currently located in Bellevue and the Chinese company is located in Hefei. iTourTranslator is committed to solving communication problems between people of different languages, making work, study and life easier and more convenient. We provide software that allows people with different languages to conduct real-time translation of video conferences, video calls, and ordinary phone calls. We also provide on-site simultaneous voice interpretation, cross-application translation, text/document/photography/live broadcast/chat translation, etc. solution. At present, the company's software revenue mainly comes from overseas students, cross-border trade, cross-border marriage and other related groups. In addition, the company has developed innovative AR smart translation glasses, translation headsets and other related products, which have been widely praised!



iTourTranslator 是一家专注于翻译行业的高科技公司。在美国和中国分别注册有公司和约60多位雇员,目前美国公司位于Bellevue,中国公司位于合肥市。

iTourTranslator 致力于解决不同语言的人之间的交流问题,让工作、学习和生活变得更轻松、更方便。我们提供了解决不同语言的人群进行视频会议、视频通话、普通电话通话实时翻译的软件,也提供了现场的语音同传翻译、跨应用翻译、文本/文档/拍照/直播/聊天翻译等各种解决方案。



Event Details (活动内容):

Personal entrepreneurial experience sharing

Company software product introduction and video demonstration

Company AR translation glasses introduction and demonstration

Company simultaneous interpretation headsets introduction and demonstration

Large language models and translation

Artificial Intelligence Promotes the Prospects of the Translation Industry







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