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Seattle Entrepreneurship Club involves public organizations, academic exchanges, industry knowledge and entrepreneurship competitions, entrepreneurs and individuals interested in entrepreneurship served by the association, as well as significant startup companies. Every month, Seattle Entrepreneurship Club organizes its members to participate in learning, communication about knowledge lectures with excellent global companies, enterprises, and individuals. We establish long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known investment institutions. We have successfully held hundreds of sustainable development projects based on entrepreneurship, assisted the implementation of projects, improved members' entrepreneurship knowledge, cultivated practical business ability, and developed members' solidarity, organizational ability and leadership of community activities.

Become a Member

  • Entrepreneurs around Seattle

  • Network high-level professionals

  • Venture capital, and professionals

  • Build a communication and collaboration platform for startup business

Become a Volunteer

  • Build a community

  • Improve school and college experience

  • Provide better job prospects

  • Increase socializing

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