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OnePiece Work

OnePiece Work is a coworking space focused on cross-border tech community, designed to foster innovation and growth through collaboration. We provide the spaces, events, and professional connections that technology companies need to grow and unlock global markets.


Seattle Venture Investment Alliance

Seattle Venture Investment Alliance is a non-profit organization with the mission for its members to help and invest in local promising startups. The Alliance members include active investors, successful formal entrepreneurs, and business high level executives. SVIA is not an investment fund.

Chinese Institute of Engingeers

Chinese Institute of Engineers USA (CIE / USA) is a non-profit, non-political organization serving the engineering community in the United States. CIE was founded in 1917 in New York,[1] and had its centennial through venue New York in 2017.


Morningside Venture Capital

Morningside Venture Capital is a venture capital firm that manages capital from sovereign funds, family funds, parent funds, and university foundations. Morningside Venture Capital is a venture capital firm that manages capital from sovereign funds, family funds, parent funds, and university foundations.

Zhen Fund

ZhenFund (Chinese: 真格基金) is a seed stage focused venture fund with over $1 billion under management since founded in 2011 by Bob Xu and Victor Wang, in collaboration with Sequoia Capital China. Bob and Victor previously co-founded New Oriental (NYSE: EDU), one of the world's largest education conglomerates. 



Baidu, Inc. is a Chinese multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products and artificial intelligence, headquartered in Beijing's Haidian District. It is one of the largest AI and internet companies in the world

Arc Block

ArcBlock’s mission is to make blockchain technologies a part of our everyday life by making it easily accessible and useful.



PingCAP is dedicated to building an open source distributed NewSQL hybrid transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) database The flagship product, TiDB, features infinite horizontal scalability, strong consistency, and high availability. The goal of TiDB is to serve as a one-stop solution for both OLTP (Online Transactional Processing) and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).

Pengyun Network

Established in 2012, PengYun is a high-tech enterprise specializing in SDS products and solutions. It is the first company in China to have developed a large-scale SDS system. It is also one of the few companies in China that has full cloud research capabilities.


Shunwei Capital

Shunwei Capital is a venture capital fund that focuses on early to mid-stage investments in local internet industry. It specializes in incubation, startups, early to mid-stage, and growth capital investments. It seeks to invest in the technology, media, telecommunications, high technology, new media, games, internet finance, and rural area internet sectors. Their investors include sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, university endowment funds, and family offices.

Shunwei Capital is a China-based company that was founded in 2011 by Tuck Lye Koh and Lei Jun.


To address these challenges, the NWYLC (North West Youth Leadership Club) is formed as an innovative model for community engagement to increase the flow of positive mindset and attitude young students and young entrepreneurs in NW Seattle region.



Wyze Labs, Inc. (formerly Wyzecam) also known as Wyze is a U.S. company based in Seattle, Washington, U.S. that specializes in inexpensive smart home products and wireless cameras. Its marketing slogan is "Make quality smart home technology accessible to everyone."[1] Wyze Labs is a small start-up, formed by former Amazon employees, that aims to mass-produce high-quality gadgets at significantly lower prices than the norm.


XD.COM is an interactive entertainment and games platform



Trainiac is a new way to train. One that breaks down the four walls of a gym, makes anywhere your gym, and fits fitness seamlessly into your life. With an expert by your side, you're guaranteed to get the results, and keep them. Trainiac is, finally, fitness on your terms.


PKFARE is an innovative global travel trade marketplace offering air tickets, hospitality, and destination products. Empowered by its global resources, machine learning technology, big data, and dynamic hedging and payment model, PKFARE provides global travel players with smart integrated solutions including real-time inventory data, best buy rate, seamless multilingual customer service, and diversified product portfolios.



NEO (formerly Antshares) is an open-source blockchain decentralized application platform founded in 2014 by Da HongFei and Erik Zhang. Since its rebranding to NEO from Antshares in 2017, the project's vision is to realise a "smart economy" by utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts to issue and manage digitized assets.


To democratize AI and Machine Learning, empowering institutions and investors with augmented intelligence to generate alpha, manage wealth and do more with less.



Kuaishou is a Chinese video sharing app, developed by Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to China, it has also gained considerable popularity in other markets: it has topped the Google Play and Apple App Store "most downloaded" lists in eight countries outside of China.


Weee! sells fresh Asian Groceries online and delivers to customers in United States. 



FlyHomes is a real estate brokerage and technology company that is leveling the playing field for home buyers and sellers through financial innovation, on-demand technology, and functional specialization.


DefinedCrowd develops a Crowd-as-a-Service intelligent data platform intended to accelerate enterprise data training and modeling.



Chinese Young Professionals Association(CYPA), is a 501C3 non-profit organization registered in Seattle, Washington, WA. It is committed to building most dynamic, influential leaders of Chinese Association, is committed to cultivating young entrepreneur leaders, community leaders, workplace leaders.

China Entrepreneur Network

Since its inception, CENUW has committed itself to serve students in entrepreneurship and providing them with necessary platforms and social and career resources. After years of development, CEN has established friendly and long-lasting cooperations with multiple venture capital enterprises like IDG Capital Partners, ZiTimes Capital, etc. We have also undertaken the Career Talks of the above enterprises in America. CEN also obtained sponsorship and support from well-known companies like ICBC, Aliyun OS, BaiShanCloud, Hainan Airlines, etc. In our past events, CEN invited the Vice President of the University of Washington, Mayor of Bellevue, and heads of government institutions of Seattle and Washington State to come and address welcome speech. We possess domestic and overseas entrepreneurial resources and network platforms in order to help you achieve a better self!



The name of the organization is CHInese Microsoft Employee Network, hereafter referred to as CHIME.

CHIME was founded in early 1990s by a group of Chinese employees of Microsoft Corporation. It is endorsed by Microsoft Human Resources as one of the official Employee Network (EN) groups under Asian Employee Resource Group (ERG), with designated executive sponsors, and an elected board with a Chairman.  Its membership is voluntary and open to all employees of Microsoft worldwide. Nowadays, CHIME has over 4000 members and is one of the largest professional Chinese community across Unites States.


Convoy is a digital freight network transporting the world with endless capacity and zero waste.


Digital China Group

Digital China was created from Legend Holdings which became Lenovo in 2001. In pursuit of its "Digitalized China" corporate strategy, Digital China is focused on providing electronic business platforms, solutions and services. A one-stop IT services concept, allows it to span across a range of different industries, from banking and telecommunications to government and public sectors. Leveraging on its partnership with over 100 top IT vendors worldwide, Digital China has become the largest integrated IT service provider in China


Compass is building the first modern real estate platform, pairing the industry’s top talent with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.



Digitizing offline retail and wind energy industries through groundbreaking computer vision and machine learning technologies.


Chowbus is a food ordering platform which curates featured dishes from selected ethnic restaurants daily and delivers them fresh and hot to your home or office affordably with the tap of your cell phone.


Chihuo Inc

Chihuo is the most influential Chinese foodie community in North America. We have over 1.5 million subscribers on social media with active participation through WeChat, Weibo, our website, and newsletters. Our coverage spans 15 cities in North America where we have set up local branches to help people find the best Chinese food in their area.

China General Chamber of Commerce

China General Chamber of Commerce - USA is a non-profit chamber of commerce representing Chinese businesses in the United States. Its membership consists of more than 1,500 Chinese and U.S. companies, 54 of which ranked on the 2019 Fortune Global 500.


21vianet Group

21Vianet Group claims to be the largest carrier-neutral Internet and data center service provider in China. It is the exclusive operator of Microsoft Azure and Office 365 services in China, and also houses data centers for IBM and others.

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