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Registration for the AI learning summer camp for middle school students is now open | 中学生AI学习夏令营火热报名中

Time & Location 时间地点

May 15, 2024, 11:54 PM – 11:59 PM PDT

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About the event 活动介绍

Summer camp introduction 夏令营介绍

This summer, SEC and Aurorae Yong AI Academy jointly launched the 2024 AI summer camp for middle school students for the first time, focusing on AI for good and aiming to guide and inspire students on how to use AI to solve practical problems. The summer camp is divided into two parts: online and offline. Many AI experts from major technology companies and well-known best-selling authors will serve as keynote speakers and guest speakers for this summer camp to help and inspire children's learning and exploration. After entering the camp, the students studied and worked on projects in teams. During the project process, he will provide guidance every day. At the end of the camp, students participated in the AI project showcase day in early September. We have invited successful entrepreneurs and senior investors in the AI field in Seattle to serve as judges, to provide in-depth guidance to each project from an entrepreneurial perspective, and to reward the winning projects.

今夏,西创会携手Aurorae Yong AI Academy首次联合推出2024中学生AI summer camp,聚焦AI for good,旨在引导启发学生如何利用AI解决实际问题。夏令营分为线上和线下两个部分。多位科技大厂的AI专家和知名畅销书作者将为本次夏令营担任keynote speaker和guest speaker来帮助和启发孩子们的学习和探索。学生们入营后一边学习一边组队做项目。做项目的过程有TA每天辅导。结营时学生们参加9月初的AI项目showcase day展示项目。我们邀请了西雅图AI领域的成功创业者和资深投资人担当裁判,从创业的角度给每个项目做出更深层次的指导,并奖励胜出项目。

Summer camp schedule 夏令营时间表

2024 AI Entrepreneurship Summer Camp

7/7-8/16 A six-week (combination of online and offline) AI theme learning camp for middle school students with the goal of completing the AI application project design.

1) From Monday to Saturday, students take self-study online courses, and there are scheduled online tutoring/project group meetings with TA (CS major outstanding college students) every day;

2) Offline classes on Sunday afternoon: TA/PL theme lectures and project discussions; theme lectures by well-known top experts in the field of AI in Huazhou as guest speakers.

3) A closing report event will be held in early September to showcase project results (AI-Based Project Showcase Day)

2024 AI 创业 Summer Camp

7/7-8/16 六周(线上和线下结合)以完成AI-应用方案项目设计为目标的,中学生AI主题学习营。

1)周一至六,学生自学线上课程,每天有TA(CS major 优秀大学生)的定时线上辅导/项目小组会时间;


3)9月初举办结营汇报活动展示项目成果(AI-Based Project Showcase Day)

Summer camp registration consultation 夏令营报名咨询

Recruiting G6-G11 (MS group: G6-G8, HS group: G9-G11) students, the number of places is limited, parents of students who are interested in signing up should contact us as soon as possible.

Teacher Zhong: 408-585-5976

Registration email: and CC to obtain the registration form, consultation details and fees.

Note: Not every registered student will be accepted by us, and suitable applicants need to be screened to ensure the quality of the final submitted project.

Registration deadline: 5/15/2024

招收G6-G11 (MS 组:G6-G8, HS组: G9-G11) 学生,名额有限,有兴趣报名的学生家长尽快联系,


报名邮箱 并CC 索取报名表,咨询细节以及费用。



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