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Wei Wang and her Lezhuan Financial and Ride2gether | 王伟和她的乐赚金服和Ride2gether

Time & Location 时间地点

Feb 23, 2024, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM PST

Bellevue, 3600 136th Pl SE Suite 300, Bellevue, WA 98006, USA

About the event 活动介绍

Wei Wang is an outstanding entrepreneur in China’s financial technology field. He has rich entrepreneurial experience in both China and the United States, spanning social, payment, financial technology and video communication platforms. She is the founder of Ride2gether (USA) social carpooling software, the founder and CEO of Nuannong Technology (China), the founder of Lezhuan Financial Technology and Hairongyi (China). Among them, Lezhuan Financial Services Hairongyi was established in December 2014 and received 200 million yuan in Series A investment in July 2017, attracting the attention of investment users. As of November 30, 2017, the platform had 2.53 million registered users, with a cumulative transaction volume of 47.1 billion. The company has more than 1,000 employees and has been reported by CCTV and other media many times.

王伟,中国金融科技领域的优秀企业家。 在中美两地都有丰富的创业经验, 横跨社交、支付、金融科技和视频沟通平台等领域。她是Ride2gether(美国)社交拼车软件创始人,暖融科技(中国)的创始人兼CEO,乐赚金融科技和海融易(中国)的创始人。其中,乐赚金服海融易成立于2014年12月,在2017年7月份获2亿元A轮投资,获得了投资用户的关注。截止2017年11月30日,该平台注册用户253万,累计交易额471亿,公司规模超过千名员工, 多次被央视等媒体报导。

Today, Wei Wang launches an innovative social activity carpooling software for the US market: Ride2gether, designed to connect users with friends to share journeys and unforgettable experiences. This application provides the first choice solution to solve transportation needs in specific situations, whether it is for work, school, traveling or participating in various activities. On the basis of saving time and money, it allows users to travel happily in the company of friends, and more Promoting the environmental protection concept of green travel.

如今,王伟面向美国市场推出创新型社交活动拼车软件:Ride2gether,  旨在连接用户与朋友,共享旅程和难忘体验。这款应用提供了解决特定情况下交通需求的首选方案,无论是上班、上学、旅行还是参加各类活动,它在节省时间和金钱的基础上,能让用户在朋友的陪伴下愉快出行,更助力于绿色出行的环保理念。

Wei Wang is also an experienced professional manager with extensive international experience in many fields, including finance, payment, search, e-commerce, social media and online marketing. She served as vice president of Ping An Financial Technology, a Fortune 500 company, and was a founding team member of the company. In addition, she served as product general manager of PayPal China and senior product manager of Microsoft. These experiences have given her deep experience in career development, corporate strategy and leadership development. Now, in order to help enhance Chinese leadership in technology companies, Wei Wang has opened a monthly manage-up training course for Microsoft employees in Seattle to help them improve their workplace influence, communication, and management skills, and plan their career development direction. They stand out faster in business cooperation and constantly break through career ceilings.


At this exchange meeting, Wei Wang will share her thoughts and opinions on the differences in the entrepreneurial environment between China and the United States, as well as her personal entrepreneurial and management experience.


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