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Blockchain - NEO Decentralized Application Platform


NEO is a non-profit, community-driven blockchain project. It was officially launched in 2014 and is being developed as an open-source initiative on GitHub since June 2015. NEO has over approximately 1000 contributors, and a 500K+ world-wide community that is active in developing, evangelizing, and helping realize Hongfei Da’s vision for the Smart Economy.

Often referred to as the Ethereum of China, NEO is now establishing NEO Global Development in Redmond, WA to drive momentum in the US.

During this seminar at SEC, we will share the vision, key milestones, and give you an overview of NEO’s disruptive decentralized applications platform.

The attendees for this SEC seminar have a chance to get free ticket to the NEW Developer Conference between Feb 16th to 17th in Hyatt Regency Seattle Hotel

Guest Speaker Introduction: John deVadoss

2001 Worldwide .NET architecture lead, Microsoft

2008 Director of Engineering - Visual Studio, Microsoft

2011 General Manager - Digital Transformation, Microsoft

2016 Co-founder, text11

2018 President, NEO Seattle

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