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Matone: to create value for the brand, just like drinking a glass of wine mellow aftertaste lingers

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Details ** This event will be conducted inemployee.

If the company is likened to a wine cellar, the company's products are like the old wines that are created by each employee's own advantages and finally brought to the user is the mellowness of the aftertaste on the tip of the tongue. In this era of "Internet +", where “The wine is brewing well, and in the deep alley, it will be inevitable that some people will not know”, Meitong Interactive is a marketing solution expert who helps customers to bring “good wine” to the market and users and build brand value for customers.

Meitong Interactive is a digital marketing group established in 2002 and headquartered in Beijing. It has 12 companies in mainland China, Hong Kong and the United States, with an annual income of 120 million US dollars. Based on the "Internet +" era, the company can provide brand customers with all-in-one marketing solutions from strategic creativity, design to execution; from advertising to public relations management; from digital interactive marketing to customer marketing. With digital marketing, traditional advertising, public relations services and technology development as the four main directions, the business covers cross-border e-commerce, sports and entertainment.

Matone is a US subsidiary of the company. The business includes consulting, advertising, public relations and e-commerce, and each type of business has many subdivisions. Based on the company's internal and external environment, Matone focuses on the company's growth and development strategy, market-oriented, brand building, and is committed to serving US and Chinese customers who develop or expand the Chinese market locally.

If you want to know more about us, you can visit Matone's official website ↓

Matone to share with you in this issue:

· What is the role of digital marketing in the growth and development of the company?

· How do we know the customer's “good wine” and pass the value behind the alcoholic taste?

The guest introduced

Alan, CEO of Matone.

Graduated from the University of Washington, Department of Biochemistry.

He has worked in medicine related research at Huada Medical College (pathology, biomedical informatics), Huada Pharmaceutical College (medical chemistry), and system biology research institute.

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